Short Course

Have you ever attended a professional Pro2 Lucas Oil or TORQ short course off-road race and wished you could do that? Well now you can.

We have spent hundreds of development hours working with industry experts to come up with a pro level short course track that will allow you to have the best off-road driving experience available.

VORE’s short course track features five major jumps (including a 40-ft table top jump that will launch you over 20 feet into the air), high-banked and high-speed corners, a thrilling rhythm section, and perfect drifting corners.

Master the track in our racing trucks with a 5, 10 or 20 lap tour package and channel your inner off-road racer today!


5 Lap Tour

Perfect for the novice, our five-lap tour allows visitors to learn our course in a racing truck. The package runs approximately one hour, so you’ll have plenty of time to add on anything else that VORE has to offer!

10 Lap Tour

For those who want more track time than our five-lap program, our 10-lap package allows enough time to master the track. The package runs approximately two hours, giving you lots of track time plus the ability to try more of VORE!

20 Lap Tour

For the die-hard off-road fan, our 20-lap package lets you get into a consistent rhythm on the track. You’ll be an off-road star by the time this two-hour package ends!


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Passenger Ride along Package

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Machine Gun Package
Sporting Clays Shot gun course
Blow Up a Car
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Luxury Limo or Party Bus Transportation
Skydive into VORE
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