Desert Tours

All of our Desert Tour packages consist of driving on some of the best desert off-road racing trails this planet has to offer. Nevada is known for its historic and scenic locales, and there’s no better way to experience them than with one of our $160,000 off-road race trucks!


Desert Tease

Watch the desert landscape become a blur outside your window in this 30-mile desert tour. A fantastic intro for those who want to experience the rush that is driving an off-road race truck through the desert!

Let’s Get Dirty

If you are looking to take your off-road driving ability to a higher level, this is a great starting point. This half-day program will give you the chance to experience more jumps, drifting, and mountain passes in the beautiful Nevada badlands.

Where the Pros are Born

The Where The Pro’s Are Born tour is a full day tour which is approximately 100-200 miles. This full day tour is the best option if you want to pack in a ton of action and driving into one day. You will experience 90% of the famous and historic MINT 400 race course. This is the only package that allows you to drive on the is actual race course and is our most popular package for desert tours. You and your buddy will have the time of your life with this program.

2-3 Day Adventures

When you choose our multiple day packages you are going to remember this experience for the rest of your life. This is the ultimate way to bond with great friends and develop new friendships.


Specific For Tour
Passenger Ride along Package

Shooting (Subject To Availability)
Machine Gun Package
Sporting Clays Shot gun course
Blow Up a Car
Challenge Tours

Helicopter Transportation
Luxury Limo or Party Bus Transportation
Skydive into VORE
Challenge Tours

Video & Photography
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