Add Ons

If driving one of our trucks is not thrilling enough for you, we have experience add-ons to take you even further down the rabbit hole of an adrenaline junky.
Whether you’re interested in skydiving into the VORE compound, shooting a machine gun, or even blowing up a taxi in the Las Vegas desert, the real question is how much adrenaline can you actually handle?


10 Lap Short Course Package

Want to try a little of both desert and short course driving?
You can add a 10-lap Short Course Package to your Challenge Tour for only $300.00 (normally $495.00).

Passenger Ride-Along Package

Whether you’re a friend or a spouse you can enjoy a VORE Challenge Tour as well by adding our Passenger Ride-Along Package for only $397.50!

Machine Guns

Want to try a variety of guns? You can choose from a variety of machine guns but our most popular package will get you behind a sub-machine gun (Uzi – 25 rounds), an assault rifle (M4/M16 – 25 rounds) and a belt fed machine gun (Squad Automatic Weapon or SAW – 50 rounds).

Guns are based upon availability and may be swapped for machine gun of equal value.

Machine Gun Package- $175 Per Person For 3 Different Guns.

Blow Up a Car

Become a real-life action star and blow up a car in the Las Vegas desert! We load the car with a 10 lb. charge and give you ten rounds from a Remington 700. It’s a pure adrenaline rush when you feel the thrust of the explosion!



Experience the thrill of zero gravity by jumping out of an airplane! You’ll find yourself perched at the edge of the plane’s door after it opens to reveal 10,000 – 14,000 feet between you and the VORE starting location!

Cool air will hit your face when your tandem master gives you last minute instructions and checks all key hooks and straps.

Your journey will seem surreal when the clouds and the Earth appear in miniature far beneath the airplane. Then your dream of skydiving will come true!

Morning Jumps are available from March 1st-November 1st

Afternoon Jumps are available from November 2nd-February 28th

$239 per person.

Helicopter Transportation

Whether it’s for business or corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, special events, or just because, VORE offers Vegas helicopter transportation services to and from our location.

Please call for pricing.

Luxury Limo or Party Bus

Ride to and from VORE with your friends in style with a luxury limo or party bus through one of our transportation partners

$500 (Pricing based upon group of 8+ people and includes pick up/drop off)

Bring your own Camera or GoPro

Shoot your own footage at VORE with your camera or GoPro device!

$75 (cost for permission to use the VORE images/footage for your personal use)

Basic Video/Photo Package

Let us take your photos and video for you!

Package includes the use of 1 to 2 GoPros that shoot at 1080p 30/fps, and/or a Canon Rebel SLR 4ti HD that shoots 1080p 30/fps video.

$129 (Raw footage only or a photo book)