Corporate Events

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Why do a corporate team-building event?

Team-building programs have become incredibly popular for corporations to increase morale, create and strengthen relationships, and promote a feeling of unity within a company. Additionally, a day dedicated to leisure refreshes employee’s minds and helps prevent burnout.


Why choose VORE for your corporate event?

We’ve been hosting corporate events for years, and have the experience and results to host an event to remember. VORE uses its team building methods to teach real-world skills in areas such as vision and concentration, communication and navigation – all of which have real-world application.

In addition to the thrill and exhilaration that driving one of our challenge trucks brings, driver and co-driver will have to work together to navigate the rough terrain using GPS and in car communication. The result is a bonding experience that will bring together both employees and management while maintaining a positive, adrenaline-producing environment that attendees will be talking about at the water cooler for years.


For amateurs and pros alike

Our events will start each racer out within their own comfort zone, no matter what their off-road driving skill is. As they get acclimated to the truck and course, their technique will improve and their lap times will become faster. Watching your employees gain confidence throughout the event is an incredibly rewarding experience.



It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to entertain a large group or intimate teams, our facility can flawlessly accommodate your corporate event with its short course, shooting range, and surrounding terrain.


But wait, there’s more..

Besides offering excitement, thrill and a high level of competition, VORE has other great package options to add to your off road excitement, like a shooting range, skydiving and even blowing up a car! Our Las Vegas Corporate Events are always a success and we can cater to your level of needs. VORE will leave you and your employees with memories to last.


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